For this pioneering brand in the world of mobile accessories, Black Pizza proposed a sober, 2-colour logo, and the baseline I AM UNIK to underline the concept’s originality.

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The packaging line designed by our artistic directors is elegant, based on a black background overlaid with refined touches of gold. A little bling, a lot of class. .

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Design and multi-support web-design

A bilingual and responsive e-commerce site was thought up by the studio, and optimised for mobile and tablet navigation. Since the launch, we have created new institutional spaces and graphic elements specifically for commercial operations.

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A community of creators

Before launching the commercial site and, in collaboration with the client’s IT team, we launched the Creators Space, an interface where artists can upload their work. Black Pizza was in regular contact with the artists from the community for over a year while setting up the brand’s collections.

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Merchandising and signage

Black Pizza is involved in the boutique merchandising plan and develops point of sale displays day by day on multi-format, multi-language mode. We are talking multi-tasking.

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In-store app

Defining the style guide for the iPad application and designing the key pages. Application available in the customisation workshop of The Kase boutiques.

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In-store videos

Design and production of all institutional and commercial in-store videos.