Developpement, Photographie, Vidéo, Webdesign



Maison Balsan, a uniform manufacturer since 1850, wishes to modernise its image
and emphases the quality of the products created, ranging from prestigious uniforms to service,
protective and intervention clothing. Black Pizza imagines a lively site for Balsan,
combining traditional know-how and technical innovations.

Between Tradition & Modernity

Balsan is positioned at the crossroads of haute couture, show wear and technical clothing. Black Pizza has chosen to plunge the traditional aspect of “made in France” clothing into a resolutely contemporary digital universe. Parallax animations and interactions come alongside photographs of seamstresses at work on spinning machines.

Graphic Codes

In order to give the Balsan site a spirit of modernity that respects tradition, we have chosen to combine the elegance of the Neoplanta typography with the timeless modernism of the Futura. Graphic elements are used throughout the site to convey the metaphor of French couture: vertical thread, cockade, tricolour headband…

Customized responsive design

The desktop experience is extended to mobile. Navigation remains fluid and the immersive nature of the site is reflected in the use of full-screen visuals.

Elegant iconography

Black Pizza has created a complete iconography using thread and stitch in each of the icons, in order to enrich the visual aspect of Balsan’s web graphic charter.

Interactions against monotony

In order to give rhythm to the navigation on the site, Black Pizza has imagined elements of interaction, inviting the visitor to be an actor of his journey.

Animations for a more dynamic website

Numerous effects and animations have been added to the Maison Balsan website in order to make the user experience more fluid.

Different templates
to fit the speech

Black Pizza has created different templates to provide a total experience. The pages presenting the brand, its history, and the case studies are clearly distinguished from each other by their structure.

Case studies

Working for institutions and companies as prestigious as they are varied, Balsan presents the extent of her know-how through case studies representative of the fields in which she exercises her talent. Black Pizza has also been in charge of the photo shoots at the Maison Balsan’s clients’ homes.


To testify to the diversity of clothes and accessories created by Balsan for its clients, Black Pizza has carried out product shootings to create compositions representing a brand or institution.

in situation

What better way of showing the extent of Balsan’s work than in situ photos? Black Pizza moved to Balsan’s factories to better capture the essence of the company.

video & editing

To capture the atmosphere, know-how and production quality of the Balsan factories, Black Pizza went on site to capture the essence of the House of Balsan and subtly report on the site.

“Black Pizza’s vision and expertise in art direction, photo and video shoots have made it possible to sublimate Balsan’s know-how and DNA on digital.”

Sabrina Quere, Marketing & Communication Director Groupe Marck.