Branding, Print, Webdesign


Le Brief

The show clarifies its historical positioning dedicated to the fitting and equipment professionals. By redesigning its identity, Equipmag entrusts Black Pizza with the mission of enhancing the technical professions through modern communication.


Refocusing on physical retail, the graphic code evokes exchange, speech (quotation marks). The 2 coloured elements represent exhibitors and visitors and interact. In the wink of an eye, the E and the G of the logo answer each other through the same angular gimmick.


Objective maximum clarity! The 2 graphic elements highlight the speech. The assumed text catchphrase exposes the positioning of the show and erases any possible association with the Paris Retail Week event, which is more oriented towards digital retail. The square photos refer to the white square visible within the logo.

Site web

Equipmag’s website has been designed to offer a simple and immersive user experience. Its airy interface accompanied by the brand’s graphic codes improves the identification of the contents and the animations allow for a dynamic browsing experience on the site.


Equipmag’s website has been imagined and designed as mobile first in order to extend the experience on all screen sizes and to allow visitors to consult it with ease throughout their on-site journey.