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The brief

Mayashala, a new player in the world of yoga, is launching an ambitious studio in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Black Pizza is commissioned to ensure the creation of the identity, the website, the communication supports and the graphic support on Instagram.


Mayashala wishes to distinguish itself from other yoga studios whose practices are sometimes too far from the essence of yoga as a true philosophy of life. The upside down Y marks this difference, assumed by the 2 founders with an atypical profile.

Visual identity

Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. The graphic identity is based on these 5 elements that the students are invited to meet and master. A photo shoot has been made to set up a series of key visuals playing on the representation of these themes.

Online communication

The use of shapes and colours in the brand identity allows an infinite combination of graphic codes and ensures a rich, rhythmic and homogenous animation on social networks.

Site web

A website with ergonomics designed for a non-technical visitor was created to complement the digital device. The functionalities are simple, but include an e-shop, access to the teachers’ schedule and the possibility to book a lesson in 1 click, thanks to the perfect integration of the Mindbody booking platform module.

Communication Offline

A major poster campaign was put in place 2 months after the opening of the studio throughout the 11th arrondissement. An effective communication that allowed all the yogis of the district to get to know this new place and to familiarize themselves with its graphic identity.