Run Experience

Branding, Print, Webdesign

Run Experience


In 2020, the renowned running show “Run Experience” asked Black Pizza to accompany it in this new dynamic and create its global graphic identity. The objectives are to arouse emotion and make people live the running experience in all its forms through a modern and impactful universe.


The logo is simple, massive and dynamic. The diagonal that divides the logo creates a slight offset that expresses the idea of speed. We feel the vibration and impulse caused by the running experience.


The keyvisual evokes the running event for the general public through the embodiment of 3 types of practices: The running in the center, the marathon on the left and the trail on the right. Through this game of diagonals whose inclination is that of the logo, the use of brushstrokes and the treatment of the photo, the graphic universe that emerges is strong and dynamic.


The graphic principles of keyvisual also apply to zoning signage: two-colour visuals, diagonals, fillets, offsets, cuts, brush-strokes, etc. A naming work was carried out to identify the 8 areas of the show. Each zone is thus identified by a no, a colour, a visual and a pictogram.


The graphic universe has been declined on the template of the brand’s website. The graphic charter elements can be found in particular on the cover and in the background to accommodate blocks of content. The call to action was also designed with a slight inclination to support this notion of dynamism.

Social medias

The communication will also take place on social medias in the form of a “countdown” teasing before the opening of the event.
The #RUNXP hashtag has been created for this new edition.