Sodexo Ventures

Brand Content, Photographie, Vidéo, Webdesign

Sodexo Ventures


Sodexo Ventures enables Sodexo to combine the agility and creativity of young companies with the Group’s investment capacity and expertise. Black Pizza was consulted to create the entity’s digital showcase with the mission of translating the Group’s values while offering a modern, streamlined interface with brand content that is resolutely human-oriented.


A balance had to be found to modernize the brand image while respecting certain historical codes of the group. The site will be streamlined and bright, with a simple and effective user path.

Call to action

With a view to modernising the group’s image, the codes introduced use bright colours and the interaction elements are modern, elegant and clearly identifiable.

Mobile first

Thought for a fluid use in mobile, carousels put forward airy blocks on clear backgrounds in order to facilitate legibility.


Through a clear graphic bias, the home page is simple and airy. The quick reading of the page allows prospects to easily access the application form at the bottom of the page. The large and qualitative photographs highlight the different players in the Sodexo Ventures vs. start-up relationship in the portfolio.

Application Form

Thought in 4 distinct steps, the application form has a fluid ergonomics allowing a maximum immersion and without visual interference on desktop and mobile devices.

Brand Content

The meeting between Sodexo Ventures and the companies is recounted in images and videos thanks to shooting sessions at the premises of each start-up. Portraits, images of collaborations, interviews… a single priority: to bear witness to real human adventures.

Collaboration avec les équipes de Wynd

Collaboration avec les équipes de Klaxit

Collaboration avec les équipes de Neo-Nomade


Case studies present start-up companies in pictures and figures. The teams of Wynd, Klaxit, and Neo-Nomade played the game of shots with generosity.

Team pictures

Sodexo Ventures is first and foremost a combination of different types of enthusiasts. Photos of the team and the investment committee are distilled throughout the navigation and suggest values of authenticity and conviviality.

Interviews & motion design

Filmed with the help of 2 cameras, the interviews of the different speakers are made coherent thanks to a fluid and careful graphic design.